Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stardoll harrods clothes real life xx

Hi guys today I was looking and I thought I haven't done a post on this blog for a while because of school stuff but now that it's the holidays I'm all yours to be writing xx.

So I have found some real life versions of the harrods shops in starplaza's Real life versions!!!!

The first item from the first store is Junior Gaultier its the Showerproof trench coat xx Heres a pic of the real life version xxx

  unfortunately I do not have a picture of it in starplaza so why don't you go and have a look and see If I'm right xx!

The next item is Rykiel enfant ballerina bow shirt heres a pic xxx

The next item is also Rykiel enfant and its the cat mask shirt grey and the cat mask shirt black xx

thats all for now xx


Some stardoll News - 200 millions, Harrods, and new clothes on Original Future

Hello everyone! I'm here to let you know some quick news on Stardoll!

First of all a couple of days ago (I think a week) Stardoll reached the 200 millions users, so as I had previously posted they gave away 100 stardollars (valid for 24 hours) and 100 starcoins, as a couple of presents.  Something very nice of Stardoll, I think, though it's a pity that the stardollars were only valid for a short period of time and that the sales on Starplazza were already gone.

Then Stardoll brought us Harrods, a new section on Stardoll where you'll find Tributes Stores - at the moment there's Chloe, Junior Gaultier and Rykiel company but more stores will come soon as Versace tribute, Chanel and so on. It's really nice clothes, but way too expensive I think..When you've a tribute store at a time it's handable because there's only one but for just shopaholics like me you can just spend your monthly money in a couple of minutes in only three stores.. believe me!

Original Future store is releasing new clothes for already a couple of days and personally they look amazing! I did buy many of them, they're quite trendy and not utterly expensive which is really important for me nowadays.

This were some quick new about Stardoll, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Starplazza 50% discount!

Hello everyone, just to let you know that Stardoll is almost  reaching the 200 millions users and until it does ALL Starplazza is at 50% discount! ALSO then they'll give away 100 stardollars as 100 starcoins to users higher then level 6.

What do you think of it? 

Stay tuned !

Hotbuys (Part 2)

Hello everyone! As promised I'll continue with the hotbuys.
It'd be great to have some feedback, considering I'm new so please be free to do so!

Hotbuys masks from Splendid

This hotbuys were released in 13 September and costed 9 stardollars each, and you still can find them at the Starplazza.
Personally it's the ugliest hotbuys I've ever seen and I'm since 2008 in Stardoll, I was excited when i saw some new hotbuys had came but when I saw it was this I've got terribly disappointed.

Hotbuys bones choker from GlamR'Us

You can find this necklace at GlamR'Us for 10 stardollars, though it was released in 16 september.
I do like it a lot, though the real version seems to look much better.

Hotbuys striped skirt from IT Girls

Still available for 17 stardollars in Starplaza, though it was released almost a month ago, at 18 September.
Very cute and girlish, but it feels like the prize is too much for only a skirt...

Hotbuys denim corset top from Rio Chicas

Costs 20 stardollars in Starplazza and came out in 21 September.
I just think this top is amazing, looks really like an hotbuy - unique and original, needed to buy it at once.

Hotbuys chevron pants from Velvet Orchid 

They costed 17 stardollars in Velvet Orchid and surprisingly they stayed little time in Starplazza, less then normal. It came out in 23 September.
I do like them though I was not sure about the prize, but even then I bought them.

Stay tuned for the Part 3 for the last four hotbuys !

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hello you + Plus Hotbuys

Hello everyone, I'm Cooldeer123 and I'm the new writer here in "Meanwhile on Stardoll"!

I've noticed that the blog was inactive for some time, so I'll try to keep up with the last posts here, specially about the hot buys  which means I'll post all of hot buys that were released until the present date.

(The following items are not available on Stardoll anymore) 

Hotbuys Steampunk Bracelet from Fallen Angel

It came out in 25 August and it costed then 9 stardollars. Personally I think it's gorgeous, I just didn't buy it because i was on holidays...Perfect as an accessory for a punk/rock/grunge style or to give more personality to any look.

Hotbuys Romper from Original Future 

This romper came out in 4 September and it costed then 19 stardollars.
Very colorful and summerish, if well accessorized can look fantastic.

Hotbuys Chevron Dress from Rio

It costed 21 stardollars, and it came out in 5 September.
This is the kind of dress I really consider an hot buy, you see none dress equal to this one in Starbazzar and for me it just looks great, again very summerish as the romper but quite fashionable at the same time.

Hotbuys Brand Bag -Bonjour Bizou

Came out on 10 September and it costed 12 stardollars then.
Very nice and unique bag, bought it at once when i saw it! But it might not look that well with some outfits, considering it's a quite strong pink.

...Next post I'll be talking about the other hot buys that came out but they're still on Stardoll. Stay tuned and see you in the next post!

xoxo Cooldeer123