Saturday, 30 June 2012

Follower #50 - Maddie_fashion : Outfit

Becouse our blog have more than 50 followers (51 Now) , I decidet to do an outfit for a doll , who was fifties follower. And this doll is Maddie_fashion . 

I really love her style, isn't she awesome?


I really don't know how to do better outfit than that, but I will do my best ;)

Here's my outfit:
I use cream beige and white colour. I hope you like it :).


Friday, 29 June 2012

Task 02 - Voting

PunkBrunette5 & Darkshadow205  have not completed the task  & will be Automatically Eliminated. So well done to the girls below you are through to task 3 (available on Sunday) contestants below are in no particular order. 




Please vote for your favorite. The person with the most Votes will get to decide what the theme of the next task is. So can ALL Contestants please comment with an idea of theme for task 3. If you are the winner It will be used. 

You can vote for 2 Entries every 6 hours

~ bracken1234

Top 3 - Best Summer Outfit

From voting for Best Summer Outfit we get results :

Like you can see, we don't have a winner yet :/
So now we have Top 3 entrys. But we can have just one winner, so we will vote again!

I decidet, you'll can vote one more time, but  just for No 1, 2 and 5. YOU CAN VOTE JUST FOR ONE!

Vote  HERE !!

Thank you to all girls who has joined that competion, you all was good!

Good luck , No.1 , 2 and 5 :** 

Xx, Ana :)

New Kitsch & ..

Hello again!
Did you see this message today?
There a new floor in Kitsch.

I love it's colour I think it's very pretty.

Oh and today we reached 5o followers and 100 posts :D
Happy 5o followers Meanwhile on Stardoll.




There is a new feature in chat: Quiz your friends.
Well, now I don't go to parties or chats so all I really know about this feature is what's written
in this message.

There is also a new Gift-o-meter that's available from the 28th of June and till the 9th of July.
You'll get a new gift when you spend at least 25 stardollars or 100 starcoins.

I love the first outfit on the Right side it looks pretty.

What do you think of it? Are you going to spend more money to get those gifts?
Tell us in the comments.


HotBuys Swimsuit: Released 29/6

The 10th HB Of June was released today
It's the Belt Swimsuit from Bonjour Bizou
It costs 25sd.

...for the swimsuit to appear in your dressing room.

Real Life Version:
Swimsuit by Michael Kors

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Starplaza sale + Dot's new collection ( Summer Pastels )

Hello! How's everyone?
Today I got this message:

Also today a new collection with 3 floors was added to Dot, Summer Pastels.

What do you think of it? I personally love it.
Are you going to buy anything from it?


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Suite Deal!

This message was sent today:

From now and til July 2 when you buy PENHOUSE, Beach Villa or Albine Chalet you get 30% off.


Outfit using Shirt from New Tribute

New tribute Jean-Paul Gaultier is here, so I make an outfit, where I use Cropped Stripes Shirt.
I hope you like the outfit:

Do you like new tribute?

Xx, Ana

New Tirbute store: Jean Paul Gaultier Tirbute & Bannana Wedges Glitch

Hello everyone!
Today, Stardoll added a new tirbute store to starplaza: Jean Paul Gaultier Tirbute.

There is a glitch too and the banna glitch wedges are sold for 12 starcoins, so hurry and get them.
(credit to inbetween stardoll)

What do you think of the new tirbute store? Have you bought/ Are you going to buy anything?


Monday, 25 June 2012

HotBuys Shoes: Released 25/6

The 9th HB Of June was released today
It's the Techno Platforms from RIO
They cost 15sd

...for them to appear in your dressing room.

 Real Life Version
Shoes by Vivienne Westwood

What do you think?
Will you be buying them?

-Demi / ...sloggi...

Competion No.1. : Summer Outfit - Voting

Six girls has join the competion :). It's good for first comp.
They had to do a Summer Look . I think every outfit is amazing, and every outfit is unique. 

Now it's turn for voting

Some rules:
~ Everyone can vote, competitors too, but not for himself
~ You can vote for 2 outfits
~ Competitors - Do not ask for votes!
Here are entrys (click on image to enlarge):

I'm sorry, becouse my pool codes don't want to change in the pool , so..

Vote  HERE

You have time for vote to 3th of July - 8 days.

Byebye, xx Ana

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Task 01 Results & Task 2

Okay, so Leaving us this week is Snickers_4314 as she did not complete the task.

We had a total of 28 votes.

The winner of this week's task is Marychristmas11 with 10 Votes

But she did not comment saying the theme she wanted so I will choose again this week. 

2nd Place - DarkShadow205 - 8 Votes
3rd Place - Punkbrunette5 - 5 Votes
4th Place - Love-Dulce - 4 Votes
5th Place - Sweetwoman95 - 1 Vote

* if I spelt your username wrong please tell me & I will change it. 

Task 02

This task is to create a style for "Prom" 


It can be done via Drawing or a Graphic.
Upload it & Comment in links with it, or e-mail it to me at

Cheaters will be eliminated so please make your own look. 
* Please write your username on your drawing or graphic before uploading it. 

Thank you

~ bracken1234

DEADLINE: 29th June 

Smokey Eye Tutorial

  • Hello there! Today, I will be showing you how to do the Smoky Eye look. Here is what you will need to have: DOT Black eyeshadow DOT White eyeshadow DOT OR LUXE Brown eyeshadow ANY mascara, and other things you choose First, you will put the white eyeshadow on half of the eyelid. Be sure to know that it needs to be midway down. Second, you will put the black eyeshadow on the other half. Third, to give this look the perfect touch, add the brown eyeshadow on the very edges. Fourth, you can add anything you want! I would reccomend false lashes or a very good mascara. The best part about this look is you can do it in real life! It's really simple once you get the hang of it!

    Saturday, 23 June 2012

    Competion - Best Summer Outfit

    I decide to do a competion. I will choose the theme, and the people who will participate will have to do an outfit on this theme.
    I'm so sorry, becouse I'm not SS, so Price is :

    ~ Picture of winner in the blog
    ~ Link of winner's doll
    ~ In the post I will urge people, to vote you
    ~ A Cupcake

    This is first comp, so the theme is..

    Summer Outfit

    You can do Summer Outfit however do you want. SS-s and Non-SS-s, can participate. You can do outfit in your suite or in Starplaza Garderobe. 
    When you will be finished, do the thing with Prnt&Scrn and then get link in Tinypic, Imgur... 
    If you don't know how to do this, look HERE .

    Then, enter your link here in comments. 
    Write your:


    Sorry, You can't join it anymore!! 25/6/2012
    I will wait, untill I will get 5 outfits or more. Then people will vote for best outfit. :)

    Good luck, Ana ;3