Friday, 12 October 2012

Hotbuys (Part 2)

Hello everyone! As promised I'll continue with the hotbuys.
It'd be great to have some feedback, considering I'm new so please be free to do so!

Hotbuys masks from Splendid

This hotbuys were released in 13 September and costed 9 stardollars each, and you still can find them at the Starplazza.
Personally it's the ugliest hotbuys I've ever seen and I'm since 2008 in Stardoll, I was excited when i saw some new hotbuys had came but when I saw it was this I've got terribly disappointed.

Hotbuys bones choker from GlamR'Us

You can find this necklace at GlamR'Us for 10 stardollars, though it was released in 16 september.
I do like it a lot, though the real version seems to look much better.

Hotbuys striped skirt from IT Girls

Still available for 17 stardollars in Starplaza, though it was released almost a month ago, at 18 September.
Very cute and girlish, but it feels like the prize is too much for only a skirt...

Hotbuys denim corset top from Rio Chicas

Costs 20 stardollars in Starplazza and came out in 21 September.
I just think this top is amazing, looks really like an hotbuy - unique and original, needed to buy it at once.

Hotbuys chevron pants from Velvet Orchid 

They costed 17 stardollars in Velvet Orchid and surprisingly they stayed little time in Starplazza, less then normal. It came out in 23 September.
I do like them though I was not sure about the prize, but even then I bought them.

Stay tuned for the Part 3 for the last four hotbuys !

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