Friday, 24 August 2012

Hotbuys Zebra Dress Relased!

Hotbuys Zebra Dress relased!
Its for 24 stardollars in Rio.
The dress is really fashionable so i think i will buy it!
Real life version by Dsquared2
My outfit:
Comments? Thoughts?
- Anna

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hotbuys Feather Band Relased

Hotbuys Feather band is relased in Bonjour Bizou for 10 stardollars.

Its really pretty, and costs only 10 sd so i think i will buy it!
What about you? Opinions?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Competition #4

There's a new competition!

Here the prize will be an old Hot Buy (Spring 2010)* : 

|| How you'll get it? ~ Doll LiannaCherry will sell it in her Bazaar for 2 sd, So I hope you have 2 sd :s ||

*a cupcake, a picture in the blog of you and I'll tell to people to vote you :).


What do you have to do?
1. Go in Starplaza.
2. Make a Orange- Black Outfit. But please use MORE orange than Black!! [This are the colours of the hotbuys, that the winner will get].
3. Make the thing with Print&Scener and or . If you don't know how to do it, you can look HERE .
All What you have to do then is to finished your entry 

We need 5 entrys or more!

Good luck, xxAna

Similar shoes

I was searching something in Starplaza - "search". And "MISS XY" things are new there. But there isn't a new shop yet. So one of shoes looks like shoes from Frankie Morello Tribute, look : 

I bought shoes (on the left). Will you buy it?

xx Ana

Help Help Help

Hello everyone This is Chicgaby and I just wanna say Stardoll is full copy cats!!!No just by cloth but by coping peoples presentations and not giving any credit!I need your help  to get Presentations14 to do presentations again.This is the 2nd time it happened!!!Please Please report the following people.

Free Miss World Crown

I just think the blog needs some free trials too.. and now the Bracken1234 leaved the Stardoll for a time ( I hope she will come back soon :) ). So I just want that blog is diversified and I think the free items are missing. I know sometimes I write about things what are not connected with outfit ideas.. But what should I do if the Free Items writer is not really active in blog. So sorry!

Well, maybe you don't know but some of proxys that you need for some free items brings viruses! So don't use them! But some things are not with proxys, for exaple this one :

1. Log  in Stardoll and click this :
2. Choose one of your photos and click "send to competition".
3. The crown should be in your suite in Starplaza bag :)

xx Ana~

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Before & After Makeup/Outfit titaniumlol

Here is titaniumlol's makeover.

Her original look is very simple and natural, but I decided to add some colour.

I think she pulled off the cowgirl look really well. I went for a more glamourous outfit.

Want a makeover? But you need these things-

  • 2 Eyeshadows/Shadesticks/Facepaints
  • Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara
  • Clothes in your wardrobe and not in your storage

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hotbuys Jungle Top Relased

Hotbuys Jungle Top was relased today. Its really weird but its not in any shop.
You can see it in the New section of Starplaza.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hotbuys VIP Pass Relased

Today VIP pass was relased.
Its in It Girls and costs 10 stardollars.
Will you buy this Hotbuy?

London 2012 outfit

Olympics game are over, but here's an outfit in Great Britain colours (Red, blue, white). 

What I use:

- Collar Ruched Top - 111 sc (From Bazaar, it's not in Starplaza anymore)
- U Neck Tank - 20 sc
- Red Denim Shorts - 40 sc (Old Basics)
- Fuschia Bow Belt - 32 sc
- Olympics Shoes - 0 sc
- United Kingdom Flat - 20 sc

What do you think?

xx Ana

Monday, 13 August 2012

Voting - Competition #3

The competition is toooo long! So we'll have continue of competition even if we didn't get 5 or more entrys. We get 2 entrys, what's still enought for competition I think!

I make a banner for the competition :

This are entrys:

I really think the both of make-ups are AMAZING!


Good Luck :) ! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Style Advice

I know lots of people struggle with what to wear and end up copying celebs/friends/other people, so here's some valuable advice to use.

- Try different colours against your skin tone to see whether they will make you look pasty, sickly or beautiful.

- If you're curvy, embrace those curves! Wearing loose tops and baggy trousers isn't a way to cover up - try a dress and a belt across the waist.

- Wear what suits you - not what is the height of fashion but makes you look lumpy. Some people look natural wearing a dress, others look better in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody.

- If you have pale skin, wear high-factor sunscreen and a hat in sunny weather, as you can burn easily.

- Keep your makeup to a minimum when you're just slouching about at home. Put a little balm on your lips to keep them hydrated and a little concealer to cover your spots.

- The most important thing to wear is a smile. Go out looking confident and you'll be confident.

- Moisturize your skin. Keeping it soft is important!

- Accessorise your outfits differently so an item can be reused without looking similar or old!

Now here's some advice for stardoll style:

- Accessorise! Put accessories on your doll, but not overkill. That ruins the affect.

- Choose your mouth, eyes, eye colour and nose according to the face shape. Some mouths look horrible with some face shape so when you have a look you're happy with, zoom out and see if it looks good at a distance.

- Don't overdo it with the makeup! Many dolls use lots and lots of makeup which can look awful. Try using a couple of layers of makeup and some light blush, a light layer of lipstick and lipgloss on the lower lip.

- Be original!!!!!!!!

-titaniumlol :)

Real life - Shell Top Shirt & Bow Dress

I know I don't write about real life versions, but I found two real life-s , so I decide I will show it anyway. 
I hope the writer about real life-s is not angry on me, if she is, please tell me that I'll delete the post.

xx Ana

Hotbuys Feather Print Dress Relased

Hey, i'm the new Hotbuys writer here.
My name is Anna, i'm really friendly, i love meeting new people :)
And i'm really happy that i can write for this blog :)

Now at first i want to say sorry for posting about new Hotbuy Dress so late.
I will try to post faster when next hotbuys will be out.

Hotbuys Feather Print Dress was relased in Bonjour Bizou for 25 stardollars.
Maybe some will think thats too much, but the dress is really pretty, don't you agree?

Real life version:

Heres the outfit i made with it:

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Before & After Makeup/Outfit OrangeAnnax

Here is OrangeAnnax's makeover!

I went for a natural 'green' look.

I think her original outfit is gorgeous and creative. I decided to go with a simple but stylish outfit and used the colour red because it is bold and daring.

Want a makeover? But you need these things-

  • 2 Eyeshadows/Shadesticks/Facepaints
  • Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara
  • Clothes in your wardrobe and not in your storage

Non-SS Outfits

Like I said, here are also 2 outfits only for starcoins :) even if it's just with starcoins, I tried to make it beautiful and fashion and I hope I made two nice outfits.

My favourite here is second - definitive :) I make it in Starplaza, but then I like it that much, that I bought a skirt (a top is a skirt) and nacklace. But I had the shoes before :)
Please, Zoom, becouse it's too big if I would zoom it on normal, but now is too small, and here's nothing between those 2 sizes. You can zoom it by clicking on the picture.

Opinions :) ?

xx Ana

Real life LE

Hey today I'm gonna show you this real life LE pic x click here for the credits

Bye xoxo missycass12

Red & Blue & Pink outfit

I'm here with another outfit-s.
Both of them are with StarDollars (most of things) :/ 
But I will make outfits for StarCoins too - today or tomorrow.

 Outfits are in red, blue and pink colours, but here is white and black too. First one is with a skirt and shirt, and in the second one are trousers and a top. 

I hope you like it!


Back & A question

I'm back from the seaside. But I don't really know if you know that I was at the sea.. 

About this I have a question ;

 - I make a post that I'm going to the seaside before I go. And when I was on the internet (at the sea) I didn't found my post anymore! I don't know what was happened, but only the blog owner can delete it. So.. I'm just asking you, bracken1234 if you delete it, or.. 


Thursday, 9 August 2012

What would you Like to see?

Okay, So far this blog has been doing pretty well. 
We are sitting on 74 Followers just now and I'm strongly considering doing a 100 follower raffle. 

The top Commentor Contest will return once I am back at school so i can keep track of it all so that should start up again on the  20th.

There is a new competition available. Click on the right sidebar to be directed to it. 

We are also looking for some new writers so please bear with us as we get them.

So what I'm really asking is what else would you like to see on this blog?

All Ideas are welcomed. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Tirbute is out

Hello everyone!
Yesterday, A new Tirbute store: Dolce & Gabbana Tirbute came out.

( The message we recieved)

The store consists of two floors, pricess are ranging between 11 & 17 stardollars.

I love most of the items and graphics are great too :)
What do you think about it? Did you buy/ Are you going to buy anything from it?

This is the real version of the floral lace dress (I think because the other one has sleeves)
By D&G, And I 'm searchinf for more real versions now if I found Any I'll make another post :)