Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stardoll harrods clothes real life xx

Hi guys today I was looking and I thought I haven't done a post on this blog for a while because of school stuff but now that it's the holidays I'm all yours to be writing xx.

So I have found some real life versions of the harrods shops in starplaza's Real life versions!!!!

The first item from the first store is Junior Gaultier its the Showerproof trench coat xx Heres a pic of the real life version xxx

  unfortunately I do not have a picture of it in starplaza so why don't you go and have a look and see If I'm right xx!

The next item is Rykiel enfant ballerina bow shirt heres a pic xxx

The next item is also Rykiel enfant and its the cat mask shirt grey and the cat mask shirt black xx

thats all for now xx


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