Sunday, 21 October 2012

Some stardoll News - 200 millions, Harrods, and new clothes on Original Future

Hello everyone! I'm here to let you know some quick news on Stardoll!

First of all a couple of days ago (I think a week) Stardoll reached the 200 millions users, so as I had previously posted they gave away 100 stardollars (valid for 24 hours) and 100 starcoins, as a couple of presents.  Something very nice of Stardoll, I think, though it's a pity that the stardollars were only valid for a short period of time and that the sales on Starplazza were already gone.

Then Stardoll brought us Harrods, a new section on Stardoll where you'll find Tributes Stores - at the moment there's Chloe, Junior Gaultier and Rykiel company but more stores will come soon as Versace tribute, Chanel and so on. It's really nice clothes, but way too expensive I think..When you've a tribute store at a time it's handable because there's only one but for just shopaholics like me you can just spend your monthly money in a couple of minutes in only three stores.. believe me!

Original Future store is releasing new clothes for already a couple of days and personally they look amazing! I did buy many of them, they're quite trendy and not utterly expensive which is really important for me nowadays.

This were some quick new about Stardoll, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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