Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hotbuys Feather Print Dress Relased

Hey, i'm the new Hotbuys writer here.
My name is Anna, i'm really friendly, i love meeting new people :)
And i'm really happy that i can write for this blog :)

Now at first i want to say sorry for posting about new Hotbuy Dress so late.
I will try to post faster when next hotbuys will be out.

Hotbuys Feather Print Dress was relased in Bonjour Bizou for 25 stardollars.
Maybe some will think thats too much, but the dress is really pretty, don't you agree?

Real life version:

Heres the outfit i made with it:


  1. I really love the outfit :) But the real version doesn't look like on Sd, but anyway it's nice dress :)

    1. Real life version always looks different than on stardoll, idk why they don't make it look the same :)