Friday, 17 August 2012

Free Miss World Crown

I just think the blog needs some free trials too.. and now the Bracken1234 leaved the Stardoll for a time ( I hope she will come back soon :) ). So I just want that blog is diversified and I think the free items are missing. I know sometimes I write about things what are not connected with outfit ideas.. But what should I do if the Free Items writer is not really active in blog. So sorry!

Well, maybe you don't know but some of proxys that you need for some free items brings viruses! So don't use them! But some things are not with proxys, for exaple this one :

1. Log  in Stardoll and click this :
2. Choose one of your photos and click "send to competition".
3. The crown should be in your suite in Starplaza bag :)

xx Ana~

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