Sunday, 12 August 2012

Style Advice

I know lots of people struggle with what to wear and end up copying celebs/friends/other people, so here's some valuable advice to use.

- Try different colours against your skin tone to see whether they will make you look pasty, sickly or beautiful.

- If you're curvy, embrace those curves! Wearing loose tops and baggy trousers isn't a way to cover up - try a dress and a belt across the waist.

- Wear what suits you - not what is the height of fashion but makes you look lumpy. Some people look natural wearing a dress, others look better in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody.

- If you have pale skin, wear high-factor sunscreen and a hat in sunny weather, as you can burn easily.

- Keep your makeup to a minimum when you're just slouching about at home. Put a little balm on your lips to keep them hydrated and a little concealer to cover your spots.

- The most important thing to wear is a smile. Go out looking confident and you'll be confident.

- Moisturize your skin. Keeping it soft is important!

- Accessorise your outfits differently so an item can be reused without looking similar or old!

Now here's some advice for stardoll style:

- Accessorise! Put accessories on your doll, but not overkill. That ruins the affect.

- Choose your mouth, eyes, eye colour and nose according to the face shape. Some mouths look horrible with some face shape so when you have a look you're happy with, zoom out and see if it looks good at a distance.

- Don't overdo it with the makeup! Many dolls use lots and lots of makeup which can look awful. Try using a couple of layers of makeup and some light blush, a light layer of lipstick and lipgloss on the lower lip.

- Be original!!!!!!!!

-titaniumlol :)

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