Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekly Medoll Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS! To "Candycoolgal19"
~  Your  Medoll & Link has been added to the Side bar
> Please contact me regarding what you would like to advertise?

Want to know how you can win? 
Click here

1. Write about old stores, such as LE, DKNY etc.
2. Comparing LE with old LE
3. Advice Column
4. Real Life Tutorials, such as Nail art, hair, D.I.Y & Crafts. 

1. This is a great idea, I will hold applications to find a writer for that. Thank you for the suggestion.

2. This is also a good Idea, I give the writer writing about all the stores this job to do also. Thank you for the suggestion. 

3. We originally had a Advice column writer but she hasn't posted so i will remove her from the blog and write the advice column myself. Thank you for the suggestion. 

4. I love this idea, I will hold applications for this job. Thank you for the suggestions. 

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