Friday, 13 July 2012

Tutorial: Secrets for Sassy Red Lips

Secrets for sassy red lips

Another lip tutorial!

Red lips are so elegant, and they have all the glam.. but to rock them up, you need to get them to look perfect. So I will show you a few secrets for getting sassy red lips!

First off, apply red lipstick, but remember to apply it twice so the color will look more intense.

Next and final step is to apply lipgloss in the middle of the lips and in cupid's bow.
The reason why we apply lipgloss like this is because shine in the middle makes your lips looking deeper and also, they can shine perfectly because these will look lightened up.

See how the lips would look with lip-gloss everywhere?

So yes, there's a difference :)

Now, prefer a matte shine?

First apply a black lipstick on the lips, but don't apply it on the middle. If you dont get what I mean, check out the picture :)

Now, take your red lipstick and apply it on your lips.

Apply the lipstick again and you are done!

Well now we are finished, go enjoy your sassy red lips!


  1. I love this tuturial dear <3 !! Amazing! It's a good way to use red lips. Actually I hardly ever use red lips because I don't know how I can use them :( A good idea is creating a makeup with red lips! It's difficult to me use them ): Thanks!

  2. I like the lips, so nice! :*