Saturday, 2 June 2012

Recommendation of Active Clubs

Hello dear readers! Welcome to this new spot called Recommendation of Active Clubs! I'm nickfan1606 and I will be recommending you amazing clubs to join! Roleplay clubs, Modeling Agencies, Fan Clubs, Competitions Clubs, How-to Clubs, Help Clubs and any other kind of club you can imagine! For my first post I'll show you my two favorite kinds of clubs: RolePlay and Modelling Club! Check them out below!
1. Roleplay Club
Name: C-HalfBloodRP
Type of Club: Roleplay
Owner: Percabeth112
Link: click here
Details: Inspired on the popular book series/movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians, this club guarantees a lot of fun to all the fans who would like to re-create and live their own adventures at camp Half-Blood. The club is quite new, but it is full of active members and there's always someone to roleplay with. There are lots of topics to post in and you can have various characters, not just one as on most clubs. It's a great place to make friends who like the same books/movie you do. If you like Percy Jackson and to roleplay, this club is meant for you!

2. Modeling Agency
Name: CountryModels
Type of Club: Modeling Agency

Owner: ShannenD
Link: click here
Details: Every wished you were a model? Stardoll has lots of Modeling Agencies, and this is one of the most active. Every month there's a a new modeling cycle. You sign-up and if you are chosen, you get to participate on the cycle. There are scores, eliminations, and the last one and best one wins! Right now the Brazil Sign-Ups are starting, hurry because I'm sure they will close soon! Participating on modeling cycles and being a model is really fun! Give it a try!

And this was all on today's Recommendation. Stay on the look-out for more clubs coming soon, and if you have any suggestions of the types of clubs you want to see or if you have your own active club feel free to post on the comments to submit it. I'll check it out and if it is active enough I'll post it here. Bye!
Love and Fierce,


  1. I have an active modeling competition: JuniorModels. We have been opened for 3 years and sign ups are open for Cycle 9!

  2. I have a brand new club called HotSpotModels with 4 members already and I only created it 20minutes ago. So it is not extremely active because it is new.