Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tutorial ~ Natural Makeup

This makeup is so pretty, and is easy to do. It gives a great natural appearance, and really highlights your medoll's features.

Here's the finished medoll:

You will need:

Brown and White Liquid eyeliner
Brown and White Eyepencil
Brown Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara
Brown, Light Brown, Beige and White eyeshadow
Nude Lipstick
Luxe Lipgloss
Peach Blush

Start by applying the eyeliner as shown in the picture: Brown around the eye, an white under the eye, along about half way.

Use the white eyepencil to make a large 'v' shape around the tear ducts. Use the brown eyepencil all the way along the top, and just around the outside corner a bit, to round it off.

Apply the brown eyeshadow above the eye, sweeping out and up to the sides. A couple of layers will do. Apply the white under the eyebrow as shown in the picture, and use the beige in between the two colours, to blend them in.

Next, apply brown on the insides as shown. This helps to contour the nose and add shadows. Use the light brown to blend between the skin and the brown.

Use the nude lipstick all over the lips.

Add the Luxe lipgloss in the centre of the lips.

Apply the blush under the cheekbones. Not too much, remember, it's meant to look natural!

Apply both kinds of mascara.

You can leave it at that, but I recommend using a pair or two of fake lashes. Because I used no black makeup, the eyes don't stand out very much. These help the eyes to stand out, without looking over the top.

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  1. Wow, this make-up is really awesome! :D