Thursday, 5 July 2012

Weekly Medoll Competition

So, This blog has past it's 50 Followers goal and I want to add a new competition. 
It's Top Medoll of the Week... 

how do you win???
Well that's easy, you just comment on posts (1 point per comment)
Participate in Competitions (3 Points per Participation)
Leave Suggestions  (5 Points per Comment)

Every Friday I Will count up your points and the person with the most points wins. 

> Comments must be real comments and relevant to the posts
> They cannot be rude
> Participating in Competitions you will follow the rules given by the writer holding the competition
> Only 1 post in the suggestion box per day, so if you have more than 1 suggestion you only post one of them and leave the other until the next day or you post them both in the same comment

> Your Medoll will be added to the Side bar
> Link to your suite
> Post about you and your page
> Free 1 Week Advertisement

Commentor list
> I'm not sure how to Reset it so I will just take away this from your total at the end of the week

Good luck Everyone 

~ bracken1234


  1. really very interesting :)

  2. Oh cool! I really have to take part :D

  3. This would be a good thing for me since I am new to Stardoll and I would simply love to get more friends and get known better! :)

  4. I love the idea it makes all of us just want to be more active :)

  5. Nice idea (: Agree with darkshadow205! I like active blogs :D

  6. I like the idea :D