Friday, 20 July 2012

Some Awesome Freebies!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry I didn't post in a while. I took a bit of a break from Stardoll, and I've waited for some new awesome freebies.

Anyways, here's on of my favorite freebies! :

If you're from UK,  click HERE and  fill the boxes.

If you're from somewhere else, use a british proxy. 

Log in and paste this to the proxy's URL bar:

Fill the boxes (could be fake), and when you're done, press "Send  E-card" 

Close the proxy (make sure to log out), and go to your suite. You'll find the white bags. :D 

Note: this freebie is actually useful! Some freebies are really ugly and some can just bring you stardollars. Best freebies so far :D 


Anyway, let's go to the other freebie... 

(zoom if necessary ) 

The contest is available in all countries! :D 

Just click HERE and answer questions normally, you'll receive the hat in your suite. :) 

But I've read on a blog (blog) that it was sold in Starplaza for 0sd/sc, and I've checked before and it's not available anymore in Starplaza, so whoever bought it may not get it.  (It was also with an owl portal and straw hat)

Enjoy your freebies! 
~Haya, xo