Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit Improvements (#4)

*Please note: this post was pre-made and was now published only! I am on a vacation, and I am not actually able to post!

Hey everyone! This was my fourth outfit improvement, which had many amazing items in there, but they just didn't fit together. Here is how I improved this outfit! -requested by ilove2dress!

By taking away these..

 ..and adding these;

I created a rock-chic outfit! I believe like this outfit really fits her hair and make-up (also her room, *laugh*), and I find it much better than the first one! I also love how the detail on that LE purse match the colour of her top. The belt just adds a little shine, and the shoes make the outfit more messy, in a good way. Hope you like it, ilove2dress! Rock on! :p

If you want me to improve YOUR outfit, you can sign up in the comments and I will choose someone for my next Outfit Improvement! If no-one signs up, I will choose someone myself, and the doll will stay anonymous. 

Enjoy! ♥


  1. This is a gourgoues! look great job sooo cute ill try it out soon! :)