Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New Windows of the World : France

One room is new in Windows of the Wold , but I think more rooms come soon :)
For next "piece of shop" Windows of the World choose France.

I don't like it really, becouse there are just dresses and even this dresses aren't special :/
But if I really have to choose I will say, my favourite outfit is with violet dress.

Inspiration: 4,5/5
Outfits: 3,5/5

And what do you think  - Comment and rate it - Inspiration & Outfits :) 

Byebye- Ana - Love-dulce :D


  1. Wow, I love the different shapes of the dresses, and most of all, I love the blue one on the right!

  2. I really like the violet & purple dress :D But I don't the like the others (: I rate the dresses 4/5