Sunday, 8 July 2012

Coverboy Gossip

So I was looking around in stardoll today and I found in the Covergirl contest there was a doll place 3 and it was a boy.I was really syuprised because lately there haven't been man coverboys, and I know her isn't the cover boy but he almost made it.I really want to know what you all think heres his me doll.
Also i think today the perfect Covergirl was chosen she look very original.


  1. He looks so original, and I believe he was inspired by a character in 'The Mask' movie. :D
    Oh and I do like the covergirl, but I don't think she is too original. Just my opinion, though. :)

    1. I agree 100%. She looks like another doll out there but I have to say her hairs just so cute!

    2. Yeah, I love that hair, too!

    3. Her outfit is so simple but stylish!

  2. I like her cute and simple outfit :* Hair are amazing *o*