Thursday, 12 July 2012

Competition Results!

**Sorry it's Late

Well That's it, The final has officially arrived. Did you have fun?

Well Now it's time for the results. 

The Winner is............
Sweetwoman95 - 14 Votes!

Congratulations! - Contact me in my guestbook for your 20 Stardollers Prize 

Love-Dulce - 11 votes!

Congratulations! on Second place. I will send you a SS Gift. 

Thank you to everyone who participated it was great fun and all of your entries were amazing. 

There will be a new competition soon so please keep a look out for it.

~ bracken1234


  1. Congrats :) & Thank you :D

  2. Thank you girls (: I think everybody had fun haha :D I enjoyed this comp! But congrats too to Love-Dulce! ;)

  3. Congratulations. Both of the entries were amazing!