Wednesday, 6 June 2012

June 2012 HOTBUYS

Hello all you readers of Meanwhile On Stardoll. It's ...sloggi... here. Real name? Demi 
so call me Demi. I'm the new HotBuys Writer. Today's post is about JUNE 2012 New HOTBUYS!


Here is new collection:
HB Peace Scarf- 2nd June
  HB Jungle Dress- 5th June
HB Shorts- 9th June
HB Jungle gown- 11th June
HB Tassel Earrings- 14th June
HB Techno Top- 16th June
HB Plastic Basket- 19th June
HB Mesh Swimsuit- 22nd June
HB Techno Platforms- 25th June
HB Belt Swimsuit- 29th June
And below is the JUNE 2012 HOTBUYS CALENDAR.
I do it every month.
Please if you want to copy the calendar and post it in your blog or something please give credit to me  (...sloggi...).
(Click the pictures to enlarge)

- Demi / ...sloggi...