Thursday, 21 June 2012

July 2012 Hotbuys: Preview

This are the JULY 2012 HotBuys Collection
I think it's a typical summer edition of HotBuys since the most colors are colors we mostly see in summer only like neon, pink etc.

HB Splash Bag - 2nd of July
HB Zebra Top - 6th of July
HB Sunglasses - 9th of July
HB 70's Dress - 12th of July
HB Square Necklase - 14th of July
HB Floral Shorts - 16th of July
HB Heart Dress - 19th of July
HB Stilletos - 23rd og July
HB Gradient Jacket - 26th of July
HB Multi Bangles - 29th of July


Real Life Versions

Heart Dress by BooHoo

Sunnies by Dolce & Gabanna

Jacket by Topshop

Necklace by Tinley Road

Cross Top by Topshop

Mesh Dress by Alice + Olivia


What do you think??
What do you think the prices will be?
Do you know any other Real Versions?

-Demi / ...sloggi...

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I like July Hotbuys :) I love that colours! I think it will be something like that:

    HB Splash Bag - 8 sd
    HB Zebra Top - 17 sd
    HB Sunglasses - 9 sd
    HB 70's Dress - 22 sd
    HB Square Necklace - 8 sd
    HB Floral Shorts - 16 sd
    HB Heart Dress - 23 sd
    HB Stilletos - 13 sd
    HB Gradient Jacket - 20 sd
    HB Multi Bangles - 6 sd

    My fav. are 70's dress and Gradient jacket :)