Wednesday, 20 June 2012

HotBuys Dress Competition VOTE

Here is the poll for you to vote for the best.
You can vote 2 OUTFITS

                                                   1. love-dulce                      2. sajjly

                                              3.  darkshadow205      4. SkyHoneyBee1996
                                                5. candycoolgal19           6. SweetWoman95
7.  valerialoca02

Remember!! You can vote for 2 outfits!!

You have 2 Days to vote, the poll will close on the 21st of June at 2:00pm (my time zone)
Good Luck all of you,


  1. I think all of the outfits are very simple but not all of them.. In my opinion the best ones are number 7, 5 and 2 because they used a lot of pieces. Other contestants just used the dress, a purse and shoes. This is just my personal opinion so don't get offended by it. I am NOT a judge so don't worry about my opinion.

  2. Heheh, valerialoce02, I think you can't choose your number, right?
    Btw. When will be results?

    1. I don't know and SCGTeam said yesterday ''tomorrow at 14:00pm (my time zone) So I guess the results will be out today, 21 of June..