Saturday, 9 June 2012

Competition Results & New Competition.

So, a Little while ago I asked you all to come up with an Idea for a contest. Yesterday I put the ideas in a Poll for votes & here are the results.

So the winner was IDEA 1

IDEA 1: A competition with exercises (e.g. draw a summer dress) and at the end who has the most points wins.

So Congtratulations! to Marychristmas11 You are the winner of this contest. Please contact me in my guestbook to receive your prize. You MUST contact me by tomorrow night or you will have to wait until Friday to get your prize.


So, I need you all to sign up for this contest. It will require you to send in drawings or graphics, so make sure you know how to upload them and post them as a link. 

If you are interested in taking part then please leave your stardoll username below.

Sign ups  will close on Friday 15th

*Writers are allowed to take part.