Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Before & After Makeup/Outfit bracken1234

I am doing a makeover for Punkbrunette5 and Sweetwoman95 later.

Here is bracken1234's makeover.

I really think her original doll is gorgeous and I felt challenged to come up with a better look. I decided on a purple,pink and beige combination for the eyes.

Her outfit is super amazing! I honestly think her original outfit is so much better than mine. I settled on the colour green as the main colour of the outfit.

Want a makeover? You can request here or send me a message on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)

              But you need to have these items

    • Black Lengthening and Volumizing Mascare
    • One blush
    • Two Eyeshadows
    • One lipstick

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