Monday, 28 May 2012

Thank you & Competition

Well first of all I'd like to say thank you to everyone who applied on the blog. I will be going through the applications over the next few days & contact you within the next week. 

I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who followed. The blog will be up & running soon.

If you have any suggestions for the blog please leave a comment. 


So I was thinking about having a few competitions on the blog but I'm not sure what to have.So for this contest I want you to come up with a competition Idea you'd like to see on this blog. 

Competition Used on the blog
A hot buy for 2sd (or 2 SS gifts)

Follower Name: 
A hot buy or 2 SS gifts (Which would you Prefer):
Competition Idea: 

Good luck everyone, This will close in 1 week on the 4th of June

~ bracken1234


  1. Application
    Username: MaryChristmas11
    Follower Name: MaryChristmas11
    A hot buy or 2 SS gifts (Which would you Prefer):a hb
    Competition Idea: so little competitions with exercises( for esample..draw a summer dress)
    and the end who had the most points win?

    :) Anna

  2. Username: love-dulce
    Follower Name: love-dulce
    A hot buy or 2 ss gifts (which would you prefer): Hb for 2 sd-s.
    Competion Idea: You will give theme, and others will dress them (in starplaza, and then make: print&scrn,painter,..) And under the post write them links. Then you would make poll, when others will vote for favourite.

    Ana :)

  3. Username: Caoimhegmr1
    Follower Name: Caoimhemgr1
    A hot buy or 2 SS gifts (Which would you Prefer): I dont mind :D Hotbuy :DD
    Competition Idea: You choose an item from starplaza and people have to make an outfit and they have 2 days to enter. Make poll, people vote.. Yeah

  4. Username:xxDemi84xx
    Follower Name: xxDemi84xx / Domii
    A hot buy or 2 SS gifts (Which would you Prefer): 2 gifts, im not ss so yeah
    Competition Idea: Graphics competition? :L Basically people make graphics and you judge them and then yea..