Thursday, 31 May 2012

Darkshadow205 - News: Chat upgrades, New Epiphany & Sprinkled items

It's 2:50 am now in Egypt but I just wanted to tell you about the latest news.
Stardoll sent this message today, They have updated the chat feature on stardoll.

(credit for USD for the chat upgrade pictures)

Also today a new collection of Epiphany was released with the theme of India/Bollywood.
There are really some great items ( I love the silver set).

Finally two new items were added to sprinkled also looks like indian Jewellery.

Have you bought/ Are you going to buy any of the new jewel1ery?
Let us know it the comments.



  1. 2.50am Wow! That's pretty late, Make sure you get some sleep ha. I might Buy some of the sprinkled things :)

    ~ bracken1234

    1. Maybe is in Egypt difrent time ;) I like some epiphany :D